Photo Gallery: Thursday Pep Assembly

Tyler Grooters competing in the tree wrapping contest
Junior vs Senior dodgeball

Addison Schauske and Eve Andreae
Sam Herrell and Kayle Krishka
Cole after his dub in the Christmas tree wrapping
Juniors at the pep assembly
Bianca Stanger, Crysyal Espinoza, Anna Estes
Henry Bley
Nick Peterson and Cesar Sandoval
Sophomore football players
Katie Spude, Libby Ash, Alaina Schoph, Sam Herrell, Kaylee Krishka,
Ben Roman and the band
Adella Kellan, Bella Franda, Addison Schauske
Sophomores chant the Victory cheer
Reid Kacmerinski and Damien Larnois
Emily Bley and Bea Dramm
Bella Franda and Adella Kellan
Freshmen vs Sophomore Dodgeball