New Lockers Installed Over Summer


Teagan Ellefson

New lockers line the high school hallways.

The halls of Sevastopol received a new look over the summer. After months of anticipation, students are finally able to fit all their supplies, jackets, and backpacks in the new lockers that were installed at the end of August.

The old lockers were originally installed in 1965. They were much smaller, with the dimensions being 12 inches deep and  12 inches wide. Some students had to leave their lockers open just because they couldn’t fit all the things they needed in them. They also jammed easily, were dirty, and were scuffed up. In addition to showing the wear and tear of 56 years, Superintendent Kyle Luedtke wanted to anticipate the need for more lockers next year, when the student body will exceed the number of lockers.

The locker project cost approximately $97,000.

Overall, students are happy with more space but cite the locks being more difficult to open.

“I can fit all of the stuff into the locker without issue. There isn’t nasty tape stuck on the outside and I’m not smashed into people trying to open it. I also really like how they open, they don’t get jammed unlike the other ones,” senior Alana Rabach said.

However, some people have found some issues with things like unlocking them.

“These lockers are awkward to open. I struggle every day and have to get help,” sophomore Bryan McCormick said.

Luedtke said that he has expectations for students in terms of keeping the lockers in good condition. He asks that students don’t use tape on the lockers, and instead use magnets or blue sticky tack. He has been working to get these supplies to teachers, coaches, and anyone else that has announcements to hang. He also asks that students keep their lockers shut.