DI to hold a behind the scenes look


On May 19, the three Sevastopol Destination Imagination teams will embark on their journey to Kansas City, MO for the 2023 Globals competition. To fund the trip, the teams will be holding a behind-the-scenes look at their acts on Sunday, April 30, along with multiple other activities including a raffle, silent auction, and more.

The event was the idea of DI coach and high school English teacher Mindi Vanderhoof.

“The cost to send teams to Globals is very high,” explains Vanderhoof. “Due to Covid-19 canceling two years of global competitions, we were able to use the funding from those years to fund the last Globals trip we took. However, this drained the funds we had. Now that we are sending three teams again this year, we needed to find a way to help fund the trip.”

Registration for one team to enter the competition costs $5,500. Multiply this amount by three teams, the cost comes to $16,500 for registration alone. When you add transportation ($9,000), lodging ($9,000), and food ($3,750), the grand total comes to $38,250.

Members of the DI Teams have been putting in the work since November, and they are excited to compete at the global level.

“This is my fourth year going to Globals,” Freshman member Finn Mathews said. “It is really exciting to go again and compete with my friends.”

To help support the teams, you can attend the event on April 30 in the Pioneer Room at Sevastopol School. Doors open at 1 pm, with performances at 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm.