Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Evokes Mixed Reactions


Pepsi’s Super Bowl Halftime show has been a headliner for the NFL for years. This year’s show was performed by pop sensation Rihanna. Her setlist consisted of twelve hits, including “B**** Better Have My Money” as the opening number and “Diamonds” as the final song.

Recently, a survey was sent out to Sevastopol high school students, asking for their thoughts on this year’s performance and who they’d like to see in the future.

In 2023, Rihanna chose floating platforms as the set which magically moved up and down to match the vibe of each hit. Several responses pointed these out and stated something positive about her using them. Although she chose to skip the collabs the Super Bowl performances typically offer, RiRi was accompanied by a mass of both male and female dancers dressed in white puffers and sweats while she styled a similar look in all-red.

Multiple responses pointed out the costume choices for these dancers with negative connotations: 

“I dislike the marshmallow men,” senior Kylie Soukup said. 

Another respondent referred to them as Oompa Loompas from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Several sources from Twitter and Tiktok also have been spreading hate on the dancer’s fits.

When asked what students thought of her performance in the survey, 36 percent of respondents had something positive to say while 21 percent had something negative to say, and the remaining responses were either neutral or didn’t see the performance.

The final questions asked students who they’d like to see on the Super Bowl stage next year. The most popular responses for who should headline were Drake at 18.7 percent, with SZA and Billie Eillish tied for second at 10 percent. The majority of students believe they should be accompanied at some point in the show by Doja Cat (20 percent); however, Future and Pitbull were also popular options (10 percent each) for the collaboration.

Even though the times are changing and we’re sure to see something new and exciting every year, one notion holds true for this hit performance, it’s always sure to entertain the people.