Sweets and Sours February 9, 2023



Congratulations to Lindsay Schuh for being named Miss Door County, and congratulations to Emily Bley for competing for Miss Door County Outstanding Teen! We are proud of you!

The yearbook finished its second deadline. Only three more months until we get to peruse the pages!

Math Team had an excellent showing this year. Congratulations to all involved!

The girls’ basketball team broke a school record! They have won the most games in school history (19), and the season isn’t even done yet!

People are FINALLY closing their lockers!


The greenhouse is having some issues, and plants are struggling. Hopefully, we can get this figured out quickly. Unfortunately, it seems like there is always something wrong with the BRAND NEW greenhouse.

Parking is a nightmare when there is one event going on at school, let alone when there are multiple events! We are in a Wisconsin Winter; no one should have to walk around a building when there are perfectly good doors they can enter!

The fire drill during blizzard-like conditions was fun-NOT! So we really couldn’t have rescheduled that one?

Racist and homophobic jokes are not funny. We don’t want to hear them. If you really can’t think of a better joke, go see Mr. Judas or Mr. Schleis; they have some good ones for you.