Parents’ Night Out Fundraiser set to benefit the Young Center


Senior Symone Sandoval is hosting a babysitting event on Feb. 18 from 4:30-7:30 pm to raise money for the YOUNG CENTER.

The YOUNG CENTER provides legal representation for children who arrive in the United States by themselves, as well as help them reconnect with their families.

Sandoval plans to pursue a degree in immigration law, and the YOUNG CENTER’s beliefs resonate strongly with her own.

“Growing up in Door County, I’ve noticed how many are oblivious to some of the turmoil brewing outside our beautiful gates. Parents and their kids travel daily to the United States for a better life.” Sandoval says. “Personally, I have witnessed firsthand my family’s struggles just so they can live in peace and have freedom. The one thing everyone can agree with is that children don’t deserve to suffer the consequences of others’ decisions.”

The movie night will be held in the gym, and Sonny’s and popcorn will be available. The ticket cost is $15 per child. Three or more children [from the same family] will walk through the doors for only $30.

Sandoval hopes this fundraiser will let parents go out on a night uninterrupted by children and outreach into the community to bring awareness to immigration laws better.

“Though life is unfair, and we can’t always do much to improve it, there’s one thing we can do; Influence change. I may only be one person, but I come from an amazing community. Sometimes all it takes is one person to help change perspective.”