Club bowling sees a huge spike in numbers

As the winter sports season ramps up, the club bowling team is back and bigger than ever. In the 2021 season, the team had 8 players. The current team has 18 players. Subsequently, the Sevastopol Bowling team now has a varsity, JV1, and a JV2, which includes middle schoolers. 

“Having so many new people on the bowling team is great,” freshman Cooper Delfosse said. “Last year, with most of the bowlers graduating, we thought we wouldn’t have enough people for a team.”

Because of the bowling team’s large numbers, they now travel to different bowling alleys to compete, which has never happened before. Visiting different alleys gives players a new perspective on the sport. 

“Traveling for bowling is pretty fun because we get to see other alleys and try them out,” junior Alaina Schopf said. “It’s just weird sometimes because most other bowling alleys aren’t as nice as our home one.”

With a new season comes new goals and achievements as well. Varsity’s current record is 1-5, JV’s current record is 4-2, and JV2’s current record is 5-1. 

Good luck with your season, bowlers.

Varsity: Johanna Andreae, Alaina Schopf, Cassie Rankin, Molly Jefferson, Eve Andreae, Cooper Delfosse

JV 1: Sophia Bley, Bianca Stanger, Claudia Barahona, Alex Schpit, Elizabeth Schpit, Jaxon Rankin

JV 2: Madie Schultz, Krista Ranly, Danica Werkheiser, Ophelia Linnan, Braiden Goldman, Carson Gajda