Senior Bailey Rikkola becomes the fifth person to score 1,000 Points


Senior Bailey Rikkola became the fifth person to join the 1,000-point club on Dec. 13, 2022, against Sturgeon Bay at home. The stands were full of Pioneer fans with cut-out heads of Rikkola and signs in support of her accomplishment.

Rikkola has been playing basketball since she was old enough to pick up a basketball. She took every opportunity to go to the gym and practice her skills.

“I don’t have many exact memories from when I was young,” Rikkola said. “But I remember practicing dribbling around with my parents all the time at the gym.”

Rikkola has been on varsity for the last four years, always putting in the extra effort and never failing to miss a practice.

“I worked hard in the off-season, went to the gym with my family,” Rikkola said. “I continued to work in my shooting form and scoring moves as well.” 

Scoring 1,000 points is something that is not unfamiliar to the Rikkola family. Rikkola’s parents scored 1,000 points in their respective high school careers.

Since the accomplishment happened so early in the season, there is time to achieve more personal and team goals.

“This was the ultimate personal goal, but teamwise, we’re working towards a conference championship, regional championship, and sectional championship,” Rikkola said. 

The team is currently ranked 7th in the state in division 5.

Going into the game against Sturgeon Bay, Rikkola had twenty-six points left to reach 1,000 points. Excitement and pressure from herself and the packed gym gave her the motivation to believe in success at the home game. 

“At first, I wasn’t thinking I was going to get it that game,” Rikkola said. “I started scoring a lot in the first half, and suddenly I realized, ‘yeah, I can do this.'” 

After scoring over half of the points she needed in the first half of the game, Rikkola returned to the court with spunk and confidence. Halfway through the second half, Rikkola was fouled and sent to the free throw line, only having two points left to attain before reaching her goal.

“I was very nervous because it’s a lot different getting it on a free throw versus just out in the game,” Rikkola said. “A free throw is important, and making those shots every time is vital. So when I made that final point, I felt relief and excitement.” 

Rikkola is the fifth person in Sevastopol history to join the 1,000-point club and the third female.

Rikkolas’s advice to younger girls is to “always put in the extra work and effort. Never be satisfied; be hungry.”