Freshman Gallardo-Ibarra Celebrates Quinceañera


We’ve all heard of the quinceanera. The coming of age 15th birthday party for girls of Hispanic heritage to celebrate their start of womanhood. Festivities include dancing, traditional foods, wearing large ball gowns, and celebrating with family. 

Freshman Anna Gallardo-Ibarra just celebrated her quinceanera in November. She wore a purple floral tie-back dress known as the charro dress. She celebrated with family members and danced the night away with friends.

“I felt like a princess,” Gallardo-Ibarra said, “but the significance of a quinceanera is a right of passage. It is the moment when a girl becomes a woman. She is said to be more mature and more independent of herself.”

Gallardo-Ibarra says that while the way she celebrated was “slightly different” from a typical quinceanera, she still had the traditional foods and dance with her family. Chicken enchiladas with red sauce, rice and beans, cupcakes, and churros were all served.

Celebrating this traditional right of passage was important to Gallardo-Ibarra.

“The most important aspect of my quince was the fact that even though we are no longer in Mexico, we still celebrate where we came from,” Gallardo-Ibarra said.  “This party was still a very important moment for me and my family. I was very grateful for all the people who came to celebrate.”