Schaefer talks to high school students about being the change

Schaefer talks to high school students about being the change

Sevastopol High School has faced some issues recently involving derogatory language used in the hallways. After hearing the news of this language being used, High School Principal Troy Schaefer brought all high school students into the gym to resolve the issue and talk to them about being the change they want to see in the world.

“Issues have been brought to me that all students aren’t feeling respected here,” Schaefer said. “Some students don’t feel safe walking through the hallways. They feel they’re not exempt from ridicule, sexism, or racism. It’s happening, and we need to be honest with that and make sure that we are all part of one school. I think it is our responsibility that everyone feels safe, respected, and cared for. It is our job to help build people up.”

Schaefer hopes for change in many students to help resolve this issue.

“We want acceptance of all people. So be slow to judge and quick to understand,” Schaefer said. “Be quick to find ways to make other people feel great. To have character outweighs everything that we do. Let people, whether they are your friends or people you may not know as well, always see the best version of you. That would be cool.”

Many students are ready to see a change in the hallways and the overall Sevastopol community.

“It gets really tiring when it [derogatory language] keeps happening even after you ask them to stop,” freshman Anna Gallardoi-Ibarra said. “I hope people can learn when and where it’s appropriate to say certain things and that people can try to understand how their comments can strongly affect someone.