Sweets and Sours Week of November 14



It is almost Thanksgiving break! We can all use a few days off–enjoy!

The salad bar has been DELICIOUS! It is nice to be able to fill up on some leafy greens.

Thanks to the lunch staff for extra pickles on National Pickle day!

Great job to the cast and crew of the play, PUFFS!

Winter sports are in full swing, and participation numbers are up in wrestling and bowling!


The hallway continues to be congested–keep it moving! Now, people seem to be deliberately creating bubbles. We all have places to be!

The first snow of the season is here. We don’t like it no matter when it happens.

The girls’ bathroom is all sorts of disgusting–warm, smelly, and just plain gross! We aren’t saying there is anything that can be done about it…It is showing its age.

Parents are parking in the student parking lot instead of joining the line for pick-up. It is causing us stress and creating some dangerous situations. Get in line!